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Lawern Engineering delivers a number of architectural services such as; Concept design of projects, production of layouts for the planning process, site construction detailing ,construction phase drawings, regularization of schematics for appropriate agencies required by law, marketing layouts with 3D visualization of projects, Interior design , Space Planning design, Landscaping ,overall  certification of construction in relation […]

Building and Construction market in Ghana is one of the fastest growing areas in the Country and across Africa as a whole. The need to provide shelter for most populace at competitive rates beckons at the door of developers and contractors always .Due to this , Lawern Engineering , positions itself as a facilitator and catalyst to […]

Lawern Engineering has professional electrical engineers that deploy solutions on various projects within this space. We are Contractors that seek to deliver projects within this space be certain we are one of the choicest you can rely on for your projects.Speak to us and we will work with you from start to finish on all […]

About Us

Lawern Engineering Limited is a registered company in Ghana and duly incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179)and that the liability of its members is limited with the needed documents and certifications to perform its functions to its clients. It was given the mandate to operate as a limited liability company on the 30th day of January, 2015.
We’ve been carrying out our operations from thence till date and servicing the ever growing market for the services we operate.Our aim as a company is to continue to build a culture where clients are satisfied in their engagements with us at all times in all seasons.
Our staff undergo numerous training and skills development continuously to ensure maximum VALUE ADDITION on projects we touch. Lawern Engineering works around PEOPLE hence we believe in human capacity development and also listening to our clients from the commencement of project till finishing.

We take on each project with a different approach and never assume it’s similar to an already executed albeit might be the case. Our approach is to attend to each client based on their needs and requirements and tailor solutions to meet these unique needs.

We’ve always got our eyes on DETAILS, reason why we outdo our performance from project to project. We are good at what we do and look forward in your engagement on your next project.  Our main area of specialization has been captured below but not limited to these;Architectural and Structural Design

Our Services


Lawern Engineering provides comprehensive construction management consulting services that provide the needed results for projects. Our experts possess years of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, Lawern Engineering provides the following […]


Project management is broad and depending on the needs of a client, consultants at Lawern Engineering undertake projects through all the phases in the project management life cycle (initiation, planning, execution and closure). Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages whilst individual components and the project as a whole remains within defined […]


The team at Lawern Engineering provides structural engineering services and solutions across multiple industries per request. Satisfied clientele include but not limited to architects, developers, builders, contractors, and members of municipal and district assemblies within the country.We keep an open partnership policy in engaging in huge projects to meet diverse customer needs and demands.